October is Careers in Construction Month

October is Careers in Construction Month and what better time to learn about the many opportunities available in the construction industry, whether you choose the college path or not.

Meet Dustin, our plumbing estimator, who started his career as a plumbing helper. Dustin’s path did not take him to college, but that has not held him back at all! His journey is only beginning and the path he takes from here will no doubt lead him to fulfill his dreams of being a leader in the company.

Check out our Q&A session with Dustin below:


1.    How and why did you get started in the construction industry?

I spent a lot of time helping my father with house additions, which gave me a good knowledge base in construction.


2. Did you go through ColonialWebb’s Apprenticeship Program?

Yes, I signed up when I was hired. I enjoyed that I had the ability to learn from multiple people. The apprentice program gives you a broad look at your trade and helps you to understand better why something is done versus how.


3. What do you like most about your job?

The constantly changing environment and challenging projects are the most stimulating aspects of my job. Those are what keep me from getting stagnant. However, looking back at a project that started as a stack of paper on a desk and now has its place in the skyline of the city is certainly my favorite part of what we do.


4. What does your career path look like?

ColonialWebb has always allowed me to pursue new challenges and although each step can be daunting at first, I have always found support along the way. I believe I will find myself in a leading role in my department and hope to continue from there.


5. What personal/professional gains have you seen since joining the industry and going through our Apprenticeship Program?

In my 12 years at ColonialWebb, I have worked as a helper and apprentice and then a foreman in the field. Next, I moved into the office as a plumbing system designer, which was my goal from the start. However, after that an opportunity was given to me in Pre-Construction as an Estimator, which I found suits my personality and work style very well. It is a position and team that I have enjoyed greatly. It has been a wild ride for sure, but I was told in the very first apprenticeship dinner I attended to “learn something new every day” and it has worked for me so far!