The Possibilities are Endless

Discover your future! No matter where you are today, a career in construction can be a long-term rewarding option for you. Brett Mutnick, Vice President of Construction, has been with ColonialWebb for 22 years, and guess what…he didn't start his career as a Vice President! Check out his career path below to see how Brett arrived to where he is today.

Brett - 2.jpg

  1. How and why did you get started in the industry? I wanted to see all the effort that I put in on a daily basis go into something I could see and would last a lifetime – a building.

  2. What was your first role in the company? Project Engineer on the Memorial Regional Medical Center

  3.  How did your career path lead you to become the VP of construction? I was a Project Engineer for 2-1/2 years. 2 years on projects and about 7 months in Preconstruction estimating projects. Then, I was promoted to Project Manager doing smaller projects, which quickly became larger projects as our company grew. I became a Senior Project Manager and mentored Project Engineers for about five years working on Healthcare, Hospitality, Office, Education, Airport, Midrise Towers, and Federal Government projects. After I was promoted to Project Executive, we were awarded a large data center. I was the full time on-site Project Executive for this project and had the largest Project Management and Field Management team in our company’s history on a single project. When that project was completed, I became the Director of Operations, overseeing all construction operations, including Project Management, Virtual Construction, Field Operations, and Manufacturing. I restructured the teams and refocused our teams on operational excellence. A few years later, I became the Vice President of Construction, which included Preconstruction. This role allowed me to influence the type of work we did and where we did it. We found that we served our customers best in certain areas and we focused on that.

  4. What is the most rewarding part of your job? Seeing our people grow, both personally and professionally. I want our customers to have an experience that is second to none.