Charlottesville Safety Champions

Charlottesville – a charming community with a big-town vibe is the location of a growing office where our culture is on display. Care and safety are evident by the number of safe driver recognitions that were revealed during a recent team meeting.


During the first half of 2018, six drivers were able to achieve and maintain a 99% or higher score through our driving metrics system. That means they had nearly perfect driving scores for over 6 months in a row! We are proud to have a team of drivers whose number one priority is safety! #top6for6months


Additionally, Michael Dolequeist was recognized as a Safety Champion.  A citizen called our driver hotline to compliment Michael. The caller stated that “he was very impressed with how courteous the driver was, and how well he was obeying the rules of the road.” Michael sets the example for this growing office, and we are delighted to have such a courteous and caring driver on our team!


Within this close-knit community, you’ll find plenty of ColonialWebb drivers doing their part to make sure they are looking out for themselves and those around them. Safety will always be our number one priority and we are thrilled to recognize all of these safe driving champions.

#5x5forsafety #safedriving #safetychampions