Our Dominion Crew Strikes Again!

During the morning stretch-and-flex at 600 Canal Place, safety professionals Brian Szostak with Dominion and David Valentin with Hourigan awarded the Dominion Safety Coin to ColonialWebbs’ John James, aka “Double J”. This award recognizes safe work practices and continuous responsibility for teammates. Double J was awarded the safety coin for looking out for a worker from another company who was cutting a piece of all-thread rod with one hand on the bandsaw, and one hand on the all-thread rod. Double J stopped the worker from cutting and offered his tripod vise, so the worker could use the tool safely and correctly.

Double J, being the safe worker that he is, has previously been awarded the coin and was asked to nominate someone that he thought deserves it and explain why. He chose Melis Ferreria, a sheet metal mechanic with ColonialWebb. Double J stated, "Melis is a very hard and safe worker, and always has a great attitude."

Congrats to Melis and Double J for representing ColonialWebb and our values, and a huge thanks to Double J for having the courage to care!

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Dom Safety Coin #2a.jpg