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DESIGN. BUILD. INSTALL. MAINTAIN. ColonialWebb’s Electrical Services cover the design, build, installation, repair and maintenance of any commercial electrical system for your projects and facilities. We are a full service electrical and systems integration contractor. You can count on us for everything from Electrical Service to Electrical Construction to Controls Systems Integration. We specialize in responding quickly to client needs and having the capacity and flexibility to handle all types and sizes of projects. Check out the list below, or contact us if you have any questions.

Commercial Services
Our highly trained technicians are on-call for you 24/7/365. Our commercial services cover electrical preventive maintenance, general and emergency repairs, and thermography services.

  • Indoor and outdoor electrical lighting

  • Grounding systems

  • Emergency generators

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

  • Power Quality Monitoring

  • Variable frequency drives

Project and Construction Services
We focus on building and maintaining strong client relationships by continually meeting the needs of our clients.

  • Distribution/grounding systems and switch gears

  • Lighting retrofit systems

  • Specification review

  • Risk analysis

  • Design/design assist

  • Value engineering options

  • Constructability review

  • Pre-construction planning

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The more you know…

The Truth about LED’s

There are many misconceptions surrounding LED’s, in areas such as lifetime, costs, and even safety. Even nearly a decade after the introduction of the LED bulb, there are still misunderstandings about them. In this post, we hope to clear some of the confusion and even bust a few myths to help demystify LED technology.

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Why are LED lights better than incandescent lights?

Incandescent light bulbs make light by heating up a coiled filament in a vacuum inside a sealed glass bulb. The amount of power required to make the filament glow is at peak level. 90% of the wattage used goes to heating up the filament which makes the incandescent bulb pretty inefficient at making light - but you can use it to bake a roast! After a while, the bulb’s filament breaks due to heat.,typically after about 1,000 to 2,000 hours on average. The LED bulb requires much less wattage and makes them more energy-efficient and longer lasting than other types of bulbs.

LED Myths

LED’s bulbs are expensive
Maybe ten years ago they were expensive, but today prices have fallen by about 1/5 especially as more bulb companies are competing against each other. Of course, incandescent bulbs are still dirt cheap, but the real expense with incandescent bulbs comes with the amount of wattage used during its lifespan. In the long term LED bulbs last longer and will save you more money than incandescent bulbs.

LED’s have magnetic ballasts that require servicing and/or replacement
Not true. LED bulbs use a driver circuit. This is usually mounted below the LED themselves.

LED lights shine with a very white light
LED bulbs can be tuned to have different color temperatures. The key is knowing the best temperature for where you have the light, and what the light will be used for. Essentially, there are three number ranges to remember:

  • 2,700 to 3,000 degrees Kelvin (K) - warm or soft white. This is the same color temperature as incandescent bulbs

  • 3,500 to 41,000 degrees (K) - Cool white

  • 50,000 to 65,000 (K) - Daylight. Seems to be bluish in comparison to others. Think of it as being a sunny, blue-sky day.


Thermography for Maintenance

Thermography is a tool that is used for preventative maintenance on electrical and mechanical systems. The tool uses the infrared properties to see the condition of the equipment in a non-invasive and non-destructive manner. This is recommended as a regular electrical maintenance procedure since no other tool can extract such solid results with zero interruption to electrical and mechanical systems.

Advantages of Thermography:

  • Non-contact technique

  • Fast, reliable, and accurate data provided

  • Data is presented in visual and digital form

  • No production interruptions

  • Easily prioritize emergencies

Indoor and outdoor equipment such as transformers, cables, panels, relays, and switches can be easily examined. Contact us today for a customized plan of your systems.


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