Promotion of Joe McClung to Vice President, Industrial Refrigeration

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Joe McClung to Vice President, Industrial Refrigeration. Joe’s strong leadership and successful oversight of our Industrial Refrigeration (IR) business earned him the privilege and responsibility of this officer position.


Joe is a graduate of the University of North Florida with a BS in Construction Management. He joined ColonialWebb in May of 2013 as our Operations Manager for IR Construction. In early 2016, he was promoted to General Manager for IR Construction, and then in late 2017, Joe assumed command of IR Service, Parts, and Process Safety Management as well.


Our Industrial Refrigeration business has grown considerably over the past few years; taking care of customers and employees across a broad region. Joe will continue building the IR organization, developing strategy, and setting a clear direction for success as we move forward into the future. Like this post to congratulate Joe on his promotion!

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