Accomplished Plumbing Estimator Retires

Bob Kokal was instrumental in ColonialWebb's success and played an important and active role when it came to plumbing estimating.  Involved in pretty much every plumbing estimate, his commitment and dedication to getting the job done makes us proud that Bob called ColonialWebb home for the past 12 years.

He served as a great mentor by passing along his knowledge to our younger generation, and was active in training multiple less-experienced plumbing estimators preparing us well for our future. That will be a huge part of his legacy!  Speaking of legacy, our estimating department will forever use "kokalisms" during team meetings and discussions. Bob was famous for his great sense of humor and hilarious sayings during these meetings which is where the word "kokalisms" was born. 

Bob, a native of Pittsburgh before moving to Richmond, plans on spending his retirement years in beautiful Knoxville, Tennessee. We appreciate everything Bob did for the Company, and wish nothing but the best for him and his family!