Parmenter SunTrust Chiller Replacement

Recently our team replaced (2) two, 700 ton centrifugal chillers for Parmenter Realty Group on the 25th floor of the SunTrust building in downtown Richmond, Virginia.  This project is a great example of our commitment to truly understanding our customer's vision. This clear understanding helped us to develop a unique multifaceted solution and execution that was poised around Safety, Integrity, Empathy and Urgency.

Safety: During this project we utilized a helicopter in lieu of a crane.  Frederick Ouellette based every project planning effort around safety.  From morning safety meetings and 5x5’s to, chin straps and goggles. 

Integrity: During the bidding process our team beat our competition by purely out smarting them.  Our solution saved the owner over $700,000 of total project cost while providing them with a better quality solution.  All of the commitments made by the sales team have been consistent with what was delivered to the customer and the customer is thrilled.

Empathy: The customer shared with us that system downtime, energy savings, system simplicity and overall solution cost were going to be the factors that the award of this project were to be based around.   Our solution hit every one.

Urgency: Our team’s focus on urgency and pre-project planning has been second to none per feedback that we have received from our customer.

We look forward to continuing this relationship with the customer for many years to come.