Safety Champions

On Friday, March 30th three of our employees were recognized as “Safety Champions” for showing their dedication and making safety their top priority.     

ColonialWebb provides services to a site located within a secured nuclear facility that is close to a nuclear reactor. Nuclear facilities come with an abundance of hazards not only from the equipment onsite, but the potential security threats associated with them as well. As you can imagine, safety and security protocols at this site are elevated beyond the levels of any of our typical customers.

This site requires an escort and regularly conducts surprise checks to ensure that their safety policies and procedures are being followed.  The safety requirements on these sites are often the downfall for many other contractors.  This wasn’t the case for Charlie Turner, David Latimer and Jason Bishop who not only met the stringent requirements but exceeded them and showed how to live by our core values.

This team recognizes the seriousness of the potential hazards that are present on this site and does not hesitate to speak up when they recognize one.  When it came to replacing a pump in a pump-out station, Charlie was quick to identify the safety hazards with the pump being in a confined area.  He worked to ensure the task was performed safely and the pump was craned out of the pit to reduce the amount of time spent in that area.

The team assessed every task and identified, communicated and corrected the hazards prior to beginning work.  Their dedication to proper personal protection, hazard assessment and communication drew the attention of the customer, which resulted in a phenomenal amount of praise on behalf of the employees.  The customer wanted to point out that our employees not only understood the unique safety concerns on this site, but without prompting went above and beyond to assure each and every job was performed as safely as possible. This is a true example of our safety culture!