Giving Is Not Just About Making a Donation - It's About Making a Difference

Last week, Anthony Bowers, our Health & Safety Director, chose to spend his vacation visiting his sister, Whitney in Guatemala.  Whitney rescues children who are malnourished and gets them the treatment they need through a program called Hope of Life. Anthony felt compelled to visit his sister and assist in her mission.

While there, Anthony witnessed firsthand the extraordinary impact that Hope of Life has on families in crisis. He even went on a rescue mission to aid in saving children who were suffering from malnutrition. Anthony helped bring them back to St. Luke’s, the local hospital where Whitney practices.

According to Anthony, “The work is challenging, but seeing the smiles on their faces motivated and inspired me to do more to bring happiness to the children.”

Humanitarian acts come in all sizes and not everyone can commit to such a large-scale effort as Anthony. There are many other ways you can help locally such as volunteering at soup kitchens and retirement homes, delivering food, or even donating blood.  All of these actions have the potential to greatly impact our community.

We are very proud of Anthony and his choice to spend his vacation making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.  He is one of the many ColonialWebb employees that are guided by a purpose of giving back.