Jones Lang LaSalle - Capital One


ColonialWebb services multiple Capital One Locations throughout the area (West Creek & Data Centers). Derek Kildoo, with Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), began to bring us in on some of Capital One’s other locations last year after having problems with a competitor, and from there this relationship has grown.

Derek stated how “great of a staff you have that takes time to assist with a client when they are having issues. Harvey Brannon has taken ownership and has been communicating effectively on finding solutions to our problem with an AON unit. I had a negative result from a previous vendor and I needed another vendor for our problems with this unit. I appreciate all the hard work that Harvey has done along with other staff at ColonialWebb. Brandon and Steve have given Harvey direction to provide excellent customer service. I also want to thank Todd Smerdell for providing additional support as well. Todd was not the technician assigned to this problem, but has stepped in and provided support. Thanks for all that have helped”.

Even though we do not have a PM Contract, we have gotten a significant amount of RS and Project work.