Protect Your Piping and Valves!

Insulation is necessary for any Industrial Refrigeration system. As refrigerant runs through your piping, heat is always seeking cold. In order to keep as many BTUs in your system as possible, your piping must be properly insulated. Typical industrial refrigeration insulation is Styrofoam or Trymer.

New or old pipe is first coated with either a rust resistant paint or a corrosive inhibiting product known as RG2400. Both products create a barrier between the pipe and insulation thus sealing some small pits. Shut off valves are also insulated, but control valves are typically painted only. Control valve groups are only painted so the continuity of the insulation will not be compromised when servicing control valves.

Insulation is only as good as the vapor barrier, which must be applied so moisture will not saturate through the insulation. Typically, in refrigeration systems, we use Saran, Insulwrap or Zeroperm. Once the vapor barrier is in place, a “skin” is applied. The “skin” is typically either PVC, for inside use, or Aluminum jacketing, for outside use. The skin prevents the vapor barrier from deteriorating.

It does not matter if your pipe is inside or outside; the money invested is well worth it as uninsulated pipe can cost thousands of dollars a year in energy loss.

If you need help replacing damaged or deteriorating insulation, please call our Thermal department. We will be glad to help you determine the best way to repair or replace your insulation.