Safety Hero

We know what a safety champion is...we’ve seen and heard the stories of true ColonialWebb safety champions. But what is a safety hero? Hero, by definition, means “a person who is admired for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities”. We think we have a hero on our hands. Charles Radford prevented a catastrophic event from turning into a fatality.

On an early Saturday morning this past December, Charles was driving to his hunt club. At 5:30 AM, while still dark outside, Charles saw a man, covered in blood, in the middle of the road flagging him down. Charles stopped to help, and immediately the man passed out and fell into the road. Charles ran to his aid. The gentleman had been in a single-car accident and suffered severe head trauma and was not speaking clearly. Charles acted instantly and dragged the man from the middle of the road and administered first aid while also calling 911. Charles stayed with the gentleman and kept him alert and awake until EMS arrived on the scene.

As far as we are concerned, Charles is a Safety Hero and we are proud that he is part of the ColonialWebb family!

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