Industrial Refrigeration

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Our Industrial Refrigeration Division is a full-service design/build contractor. We are prepared to help you with any refrigeration project including, but not limited to controlled atmosphere storage, blast freezing, process cooling, make-up air units and energy solutions.  We execute all facets of a project in-house including engineering, field installation, thermal insulation, insulated metal panel construction, commissioning and process safety management.

Refrigeration Construction



We offer in-house refrigeration engineering capabilities with more than 30 years of experience and licensed in 14 states. Masters of 3D BIM modeling and design ensure that your system goes in seamlessly. 

We perform turnkey refrigeration projects for your new greenfield installation, system overhaul, or energy initiative. If you have a small project that requires a quick turnaround and intimate attention to detail, our service-projects group has most of the capabilities of our construction team, just on a smaller, more local scale. No project is too small. We specialize in everything from changing relief valves to installing compressor microprocessors.

Alignment with all major equipment manufacturers allows us to provide the highest quality systems at the most competitive prices. Rest assured that you are covered with full support from our own thermal, service, and process safety services teams.

Thermal Construction


bringing skillful care to your investments

We provide a full array of thermal products and handle a wide spectrum from pipe and vessel insulation to insulated metal panel construction. Our experienced team brings expertise and value to every client and we are prepared to help you with any thermal project you may have.

Maintenance and Repairs


serving you after the finish line

Our customers deserve only the best—to provide the best, we have a comprehensive service department.  Our technicians have a local presence across the entire mid-Atlantic region. We service all components of a refrigeration system with manufacturer trained technicians.

Did you know that our technicians are continually looking for opportunities to decrease your operating costs?  Let us help you design a program that perfectly fits your needs.



looking for something?

Are you having trouble finding a rare or obsolete part for your refrigeration system?  We are here to help! 

As an extension of our full-service offerings, we provide Parts Sales as another integrated piece of our refrigeration expertise.  We have an in-house parts department with full time resources dedicated to finding what you need, and answering any questions you may have.  With our knowledge, experience, and internal support, we look forward to becoming your preferred supplier.



Process Safety Management

safety is important, compliance is too

Navigating the complex Process Safety Management (PSM) and Risk Management (RMP) requirements can be difficult and frustrating. If you don’t get everything just right, you might be subject to tall fines and penalties.

Injuries, fatalities, penalties and fines can be avoided. Your employees and your communities deserve the best protection that you can put in place. Your PSM and RMP documents aren’t meant to sit on a shelf. These documents are the operation procedures for your industrial refrigeration system.

Our compliance experts can help you write, update, and manage your PSM and RMP plans to help run your facility safely.  We are prepared to assist in writing new plans, as well as helping you manage your existing plans on a periodic basis.


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