Paul D Camp Community College

Market: Education
Location: Hampton Roads, VA


Improper insulation and a faulty system caused high humidity. This combination created mold problems in the building that needed to be addressed immediately. Paul D Camp needed a solutions expert to remedy the issues and causes. ColonialWebb was ready to help provide turn-key service for the this mechanical project.


  • Installed new boilers, VRF system, and a closed circuit cooler to upgrade the facilities mechanical capabilities.
  • Installed new ductwork and insulation so high humidity issues can be avoided.
  • Build out several mechanical rooms throughout the building for easy operational access.
  • Conducted all repairs during class time. Managed portions of the building to be shut down instead of entire building shut down for repairs.

A Closer Look

“This project experienced several difficulties beyond the control of ColonailWebb and Schneider Electric. The outstanding partnership of ColonialWebb in overcoming these obstacle with innovative thinking and a focus on end user satisfaction created a highly successful project from the most unlikely circumstances. ColonialWebb was instrumental in altering the design of the project to create a final result that is both highly professional and functional as well as easily maintainable.
Thanks to you and your team again for their hard work and dedication. This is the kind of effort that Schneider Electric has come to expect from ColonialWebb. I look forward to continued successful projects in the future.”

Kyle McGrain
Project Manager
Schneider Electric
Energy & Sustainability Service