Westminster Canterbury

Market: Healthcare - Retirement Community
Location: Richmond, VA


Westminster needed a mechanical firm to replace their aging equipment and wanted to use the opportunity to install energy efficient systems in multiple buildings. ColonialWebb was brought in to perform the needed retrofits and recognized that in order to perform them, they would need to reconstruct multiple systems. Westminster also made it known that they could not afford any downtime to their residential homes and little disruption to their employee’s daily work schedule.


Part of ColonialWebb’s solution was to demolish the old boilers and replace them with premium efficiency condensing boilers that had the potential to produce gas savings of 50%. Westminster’s system now produces domestic hot water via plate and frame heat exchangers rather than tube bundles for higher efficiency. The firm’s Building Automation Systems team upgraded most of Westminster’s existing pneumatic
controls to Schneider Electric “Vista” LonWorks web based system. In addition, part of the existing controls were able to be reused and integrated to operate seamlessly with the new system. Now with a single Front End access, the staff can easily control and monitor the facility’s HVAC systems and maximize energy use.

To ensure Westminster’s residents continued to live with minimal disruption during the project, ColonialWebb made certain they kept open communication with management. They also ensured all occupants and staff aware of key milestones during the project to reduce potential disruptions.

A Closer Look

Preliminary data is very encouraging for Westminster’s energy use. Data reports indicate consumption of gas is down by 50% due to the newly replaced boiler system and controls. An estimated $92,930 has been saved in the eight months since ColonialWebb finished installing the new retrofits. Furthermore, electrical usage is down because of elimination of pneumatics and utilization of the newly installed digital controls system.

“This project presented many challenges that included continued use of our domestic hot water and heating plant that services our health care and independent living areas. ColonialWebb teamed up with our staff to minimize interruption to our residents and staff. We are very appreciative of the communication and effort it took to accomplish this complicated task. The end result was very successful and we thank ColonialWebb for all of their efforts.”

-Derek Oliver,
 Director of Facilities,
 Westminster Canterbury of Richmond