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Keeping HVAC systems efficient and up-to-date is key to your bottom line


With HVAC equipment consuming an average of 50 percent of your building utilities, an outdated, inefficient system can be a big drain on your profits. Combine that with downtime or occupant discomfort and you have a problem.
We can renovate your HVAC system to help you get the most from your energy dollars. Since we partner with all major equipment providers, we are able to select and recommend the best solution to meet your needs.

We offer the following optional services to help determine the best possible solution and assist you in making wise financial decisions.

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• Building Cooling and Heating Load Analysis
• Energy Modeling
• Cash Flow and Payback Analysis

Whether you need to replace a single rooftop unit, chiller plant, cooling tower, ductwork, or the entire system, ColonialWebb has the experience and capabilities to give you the right solution!



We’ll replace outmoded commercial refrigeration systems, and bring them up to today’s standards

When commercial refrigeration systems age and have reached their life expectancy, we’re experts in total replacements.  We work to restore efficiency resulting in energy cost savings.  Our technicians can help you in any commercial setting with Freon systems for beverage processing, food distribution, food processing and specialized environments.

Our capabilities cover any type of system

We have the design and installation skills needed for any Freon system, ranging from small commercial split systems to larger build-up systems.  Our technicians are trained on high/medium/low temperature, hot gas and electric defrost evaporation systems.

We are well versed in EPA and LEED® requirements.  We can help you phase out refrigerants and reduce leaks by implementing a low HCFC refrigerant volume Hybrid system utilizing glycol or CO2. We provide environmentally friendly systems that save you money.

When our work is completed, you’ll be able to count on optimal performance and maximum reliability for years to come


We’ll replace your plumbing system to make it efficient and reliable


Outmoded, patched-together plumbing can pose ongoing service problems. It can also be a direct drain on your profits. Hot water heaters and boilers consume a lot of energy, and unless they’re replaced with today’s more efficient equipment, you’ll face ongoing high costs.

We can offer our customers complete design and retrofitting service for any plumbing need from the simplest to the most complex, including hydronic, steam, natural gas and medical gas systems.

We can replace any portion of your plumbing system – or all of it

We’ll retrofit any kitchen or restroom fixture for many brands, including Kohler and American Standard. We’ll replace back flow preventers, drains and sewer piping. We can handle pumps, hot water heaters, boilers, water softeners and drain and waste systems.

If your facility needs an ADA retrofit, we can help.

We’re also experts in medical gas systems, high-purity water piping and equipment, and specialty gases for the healthcare and laboratory industries.

And we can even handle vacuum and compressed air system, or natural gas and fuel gas piping systems. Bring your building’s plumbing up to spec with help from ColonialWebb!


When it’s time to upgrade or replace electrical systems, our certified electricians are ready

We offer a full range of electrical retrofit capabilities, with expert design, installation and project management skills. We can upgrade your commercial facility quickly and cost-effectively.  Our master electricians are trained on high- and low-voltage systems, and we comply with all regulations – National Electrical Code (NEC), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 1910 and 1926, and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E.

Our teams can replace or upgrade any type of electrical system. We cover…

  • Distribution systems and switch gears for all manufacturers, including Square D. Cutler Hammer, GE and Siemens
  • Indoor and outdoor electrical lighting retrofit, including trenching service for underground installations
  • Lighting repair services, including power wiring from the service entry point to switch gear or distribution panels
  • Grounding systems replacement
  • Emergency generators, using brands like Carter and Kohler
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) installation
  • Control systems design and installation for brands like American AutoMatrix, Johnson, Metasys, TAC, CSI and Trane
  • Variable frequency drives installation
  • Thermography, infrared and switch gears

Water Systems

Bring water treatment systems up to today’s standards with high-technology retrofitting

ColonialWebb can replace your water treatment system with technology and custom formulations that meet your specific applications. We use state-of-the-art ISO 9000:2008 certified processes, and adhere to the highest quality assurance standards. 


We can also provide technical training to your plant operators.  And we’ll assist you with complete regulatory and environmental compliance, including product safety data sheets, MSDS and technical data sheets. We’re NELAC accredited, and have certified laboratory capabilities to analyze water, biological, Legionella, organic and inorganic deposits, and resins.

We can upgrade the technology for a full spectrum of water treatment systems…

Cooling systems with treatment programs that use the latest polymer technology for superior corrosion and deposition control. These can be applied to once-through, open re-circulating, closed loop applications, and process water. System pre-cleaning, on-line loop cleaning and lay-up cooling solutions are also available.

Biocides that are EPA and state-registered for the cleanest systems. These programs are designed to meet CTI and ASHREA Legionella guidelines.

Boiler systems including both high and low-pressure boilers for commercial applications. We also offer a complete line of oxygen scavenger, internal treatments, condensate treatments, boiler clean-up, boil-out and lay-up chemicals.

Specialty water and waste water treatments, with a complete line of products for the influent and effluent waters, including biological augmentation and odor control.

Ion exchange resins, including low-cost, high-quality, cation, anion, mixed bed and specialty resins, along with resin cleaners and softener maintenance programs.

And a new technology called SmartRelease, which is an environmentally-friendly solid water treatment chemistry. This patented method of controlling time-release dissolution of solid chemicals is based on osmotic pressure and a polymer coating that allows controlled release over a 30- to 90-day period.