Health and Safety Coordinator, Danny Smith

Born in Smithtown NY and raised in Hopewell, VA, Danny Smith graduated from Hopewell High School in 1984, and then entered the Marines where he spent several years overseas before coming home as a disabled veteran.  In the late ’80s, Danny began his career in the fossil fuel industry, but was led to the field of safety through personal tragedy - his dad passed away at the age of 50 in a work-related industrial incident. This became the defining moment when Danny decided safety would be his career path.



In 1998 while working in the steel industry, Danny was responsible for the safety of his division. He was responsible for the development of the safety program for his 30 teammates and set into place the safe working procedures for the facility. As his passion for safety grew, he found other ways in which he could be influential and make a difference. He became a youth instructor in the tri-cities, teaching kids the importance of safety, with an emphasis on construction.


I take an active, caring approach towards safety and feel that it is my moral obligation to help others, not only to keep them safe but to help them live their best lives!
— Danny Smith

Danny joined the ColonialWebb family in 2016 as the Health and Safety Coordinator. He is committed to positively influencing the Health and Safety of our Service, Special Projects, and Construction teams in Central Virginia. His duties include training, site assessments, and ensuring the wellbeing of those employees.


Danny is a certified Construction Site Safety Supervisor, authorized to teach OSHA 10- and 30-hour certification, and completed First Aid/CPR/AED certification courses.


Danny enjoys spending time with his family, being outdoors, and motorcycle riding. Four of his six children are still in grade school, and he loves the endless activities that they do together. Above all else, he says, “my faith is the most important.”